My body of work

My body of work spans 35 years  doing primarily commission work for murals, trompe l'oeil and portrait painting in watercolors, then moving towards a more public forum such as art shows, exhibits, and art fairs in the last twenty plus.

My focus right after retirement was just to create and not be medium specific, go where my heart took me.
I had three stations going, painting, jewellry and textiles.
I started intermixing, making felted cuffs with gemstones, 2D textiles with paint or just paint, inks then dyes, then silk and on and on. It was wonderful.

I entered a few local juried shows with my 2D felted works because there wasn't any in my area and I felt it needed some exposure.  My studio group, The Scrum Sisters Studio  (which also was new in 2010, my bestie and I felt that if two or more artist's exhibited together, we would draw a larger audience) entered our first exhibit together, we were not only accepted, we all won a prize!

I received a 1st place in a juried show with a textile work in Jan/2015 and one of the judges loved it so much he purchased it!
My studio group hosted a solo exhibit at a local gallery in October 2015.  Pictures can be seen on our Facebook page .  This exhibit brought me invitations to showcase my work in other venues. My most recent win was in January 2016.  My 2D felted piece received a second place and my 3D received an honorable mention.  This was out of 85 entries! I am honored and excited to be a part of a tribe that loves to speak through their artworks.

My inspiration comes from everywhere, other artists, nature, thoughts, colors and the cosmos....

My Narrative

The story is that apparently, I was born with a pencil in my hand and that as soon as I had control over it, I began communicating with it.  Stick people first.  :-)

I have since drawn, sketched, painted, sewn, embroidered on many substrates.  I seriously love the arts and the expressions of creativity and life that can come from it.  I opted for a shadow career in Engineering design because the pay structure was more conducive for me at the time.
Through out my entire Engineering career, I pined away for what I really wanted.  Days where I can paint, sculpt, sew, create full time instead of in the spare time that I had been stealing here and there.  I realised that is really what I came here to do.
After 30+ years in my career, I was "early-retired" (many call it "downsizing") I was faced with "now what am I going to do" anxiety because I couldn't afford to fully retire, until  I realized...I had art! My hands ached to be put to use for what my heart wanted to create! So for a full year I did just that with paint, fiber, gemstones, threads...then came the time where the money was running out and I needed to find a steady source of income.
I made some life changing decisions and moved in with my long time partner, was then able to work part time and stay focussed on developing my skills.
I work part-time at an Art Store, volunteer at a center for the Arts and create the rest of the time!

Ultimately, I would love to have my own studio with space to rent to other artists, as well as have my own art store with a small gallery in the front.  


Come visit my "tab" on my Studio Group's web page.  and check out my Gallery page