Patti Cook


CV - Narrative

Patti grew up surrounded by domestic crafts – knitting, dressmaking and a myriad of needle crafts. Her initial encounters with stitching were making her own barbie and ken doll clothing by hand.

It was when her mum taught her how to use the sewing machine at nine years old that her love affair with fabric and threads began. Spending hours transfixed on the meditative motion of the needle going in and out only to produce a structure that can be worn was and still is fascinating.
Mark making in any form has always been a huge part of Patti's life. Doodling, drawing, coloring, painting, reading or studying itt.

Patti didn't choose the fine arts academic approach, instead, after years of watching her Dad on his drafting board rendering home designs as part of his sales conversion strategy, she too,decided she wanted to design homes. She studied in architectural and mechanical design and later changed her route and received her technology design certification in Southern Alberta in the mechanical design field. 

Although she is primarily self taught in the mixed media field, Patti did take evening watercolor courses at the University of Lethbridge in the early 80s as well as completed an online Art course during her college days. She has also participated in workshops from notable watercolor artists such as Zoltan Szabo and Jean Dobie, both of whom were huge influences for her. Workshops too numerous to mention has helped Patti stay in love with watercolour and her favorite medium to paint with.

 A workshop with Kristy Krutch in colored pencil and studies in jewellry design have also part of her experiences!

She has procured commissions in past years painting murals in homes (trompe l'oeil), businesses and charity. There was mask making and sewing costumes for a small local theatre in Lethbridge. Art projects for schools, storefront paintings and watercolor portrait paintings...these are just a few of her artistic endeavors over the years.

Her love of textiles eventually won out for the largest portion of her creative time slot. Patti's love of fiber, threads and natural fabrics have made working with textiles as an art form a natural progression for her.
Evolving from traditional quilt making for domestic use, she switched to creating art quilts for exhibition, then on to silk/fiber/textiles wall art.

Around 2000, Patti participated in a "wet felting" workshop up Kingston Ontario. That's when the fascination with wet felting and working with wool fiber took hold of her! It wasn't until after her departure from the Engineering design field that Patti could fully delve into the wonderful world of fiber and textiles as an art form.

Since that time Patti has created many 2D paintings using wet felting methods as well as dry needle felting with countless fibre-packed vessels and has won numerous awards for her works in the local galleries in the county.

In 2016, Patti completed a surface design felting class with Felt master Fiona Duthie and hopes to study with other notable felt masters in the near future.

Patti maintains that her love of all things art will keep her in the mixed media arena as it suits her perfectly, however, it is at this point in time, she is completely enamored with working with textiles as a primary art form and seeing where it can take her. Patti's textile entries into juried art shows in and around the Lambton County Gallery scene have won several awards, with the most recent being a 3rd place win at The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts annual juried Mayors Award in January of 2017.

Patti participates and volunteers in many local and business events either donating art, teaching art or organizing art classes with a specified program.

Her most recent adventure was teaching at local elementary schools along with two other local artists sponsored by Gallery in the Grove.  Their VALS (Visiting Artists in Lambton Schools) program  is focused on Grade 6 level arts during the first quarter of the year.

She also currently teaches classes in Fundamentals of Drawing Basics , Painted Collage , Felted Art Cards and Watercolour Basics


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