Patti Cook

Bio Narrative

Patti grew up surrounded by domestic arts and crafts and her initial encounters with textiles was hand-stitching her own Barbie and Ken doll's clothing.
Her mum had taught her how to use the sewing machine around nine years of age and this is when her love affair with textiles and thread began. She would spend hours transfixed on the meditative motion of the needle going in and out, fascinated that the end result was a structure that could be worn or used.

This fascination still holds true today. M
ark making in any form is also a primary drive in much of Patti's art work, no matter which medium she chooses to express it with.

Patti did not choose the academic approach to fines arts as was expected, instead, she began her study towards an architectural design career from the beginning of high school. This decision came after observing her Dad re-rendering home and business designs on a drafting board and presenting them as part of his sales strategy.
It wasn't until half way through her studies she turned toward mechanical design as her major. She was convinced by two of her instructors who believed she had a natural propensity towards that field. Prior to receiving her diploma, Patti had already gained engineering design skills in Topographical Civil Design/drafting working for Alberta transportation
. She also has experience in the Electrical/Instrumentation drafting/design, home design and of course, Mechanical design became her primary income.

Patti received her watercolour instruction at the University of Lethbridge in the early 80s and also completed a distance learning Art course while attending college for her Mechanical certification.  She participated in workshops from notable watercolour artists Zoltan Szabo and Jean Dobie, both of whom were instrumental influences in her earlier watercolour pursuits. Numerous workshops through the years by several notable watercolour artists were also instrumental in keeping Patti up to date with latest techniques in watercolour and acrylics.
She procured commissions in the early years painting murals in residential homes, businesses and/or for charity fundraisers.
Patti created masks and sewed costumes for a small local theater in Lethbridge, Alberta as well as art projects for schools, storefront paintings, hospital palliative care and watercolour portrait paintings.

Using her love of textiles, threads and natural fabrics and turning to them as an art form was a natural progression for Patti and it was in the summer of 2000, Patti participated in a "wet felting" workshop in Kingston Ontario. This was a fascinating experience to which she then thought how she could use this medium artistically. Finally, years later, she left the Engineering design field permanently, and decided to pursue her love of all things art from that point on!

Perusing through the photo's on this site will give you an idea of Patti's style and the art she was able to create from this incredible medium so far. 

Patti participates and volunteers at local galleries and business events teaching at JNAAG ( Judith Norman Alix Art Gallery - a world class Gallery in Sarnia Ontario) to both youth and adults.  She has donated to charitable auctions and organized art classes for other organizations.
She also volunteers her time and sells her works at The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts as well on consignment in a few local businesses.
Prior to COVID lockdowns, Patti was teaching in her studio full time. 

Check out my CV page where it lists other notable events and the Workshop page where it go into more details on workshops.


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