Art Works and Merits

Patti's body of work spans over 35 years, with early art being commissioned work for murals, trompe l'oeil and portrait paintings as well as many works done for charity and friends. She began painting commercially in 1991 attending Art Shows and later to juried shows, solo exhibits and art fairs.

After an early retirement package in her parallel career (engineering design/drafting), Patti decided to take a sabbatical to decide what her next phase of life would be and it was during that time that she dove back into her love of the arts painting, drawing, sewing and felting almost daily from dawn to dusk.
Her motto became, "I have decided to die in the Arts." She has a strong love in three mediums, textiles, painting and jewellry design.  

Juried Shows
Awards for  2D felted work at a local gallery with studio group "Scrum Sisters", that Patti and co-founder Karen Watson brought together in 2010.  They collaborated with the idea that exhibiting as a Studio group would give more visibility and a wider audience. The membership consisted of Karen Watson, Patti Cook, Nancy Walsh and Lou Anne Sybenga.  Lou Anne has since left the group, preferring to exhibit her large body of work as a solo.

1st place award at Lawrence House Center for the Arts in Jan/2015  (One of the judges also purchased the work)
Scrum Sisters Studio hosted a solo exhibit at a local gallery in October 2015.  Pictures can be seen on their Facebook page .  This successful exhibit has brought Patti invitations to showcase her work in other venues and juried shows.
January 2016 at Gallery in the Grove.  2D felted piece received a 2nd place and her 3D vessel received an honorable mention.  

Currently Patti has only entered local juried shows.  She hopes to expand her territory once she has the opportunity to do so.

Patti's Personal Narrative

The story is that apparently, I was born with a pencil in my hand and that as soon as I had control over it, I began communicating with it.  Stick people first.  :-)

I have drawn, sketched, painted, sewn, embroidered, baked and wire wrapped gems for many years.  I am obsessed with all of the arts and any expression of creativity that can be used to perform various manipulations for the final design. In my youth, I wasn't strong enough to go with the arts as a primary source of income, instead I chose a parallel career in Engineering Design and Drafting.  It was a good choice on some levels as I was still exercising my creative side, however, I did feel like I copped out and pined away, dreaming of days where I can paint, sculpt, sew freely and with abandon...just create anything full time instead of stealing time here and there to satisfy my desire to do so. It was a choice, though as a young single mother, I decided to play it safe. 
Next Chapter
After 30+ years of struggle (male dominated field) in the Engineering Design field, I was "early-retired" after a buy out of the company and faced with "now what am I going to do?" I couldn't afford to fully retire of course.  However, I decided to take one year off and lived off of my severence package.
In that year, I lived as a full time Artist!  I painted, felted (wool fibres, silks, alpaca, handmade paper), fulled and re-used vintage wools, played with gemstones, threads...I entered many art show/sales and exhibits.

The time came where the money was running out and I was faced to think about a steady source of income.

Significant life changing decisions were made and I sold my little house by the lake (so sad) got out of debt and moved in with my long time partner. With this arrangement I would be able to work only part-time and focus the remaining time creating and further developing my skills.  So a position was found working part-time as a jewellry instructor and then on to a custom framer at a local Arts store.  With this came a terrific discount on my art supplies. After 5 years, it was time to move on as this position was also starting to take away any free time because of the hours of work, plus I needed something more custom to me.
I was hired at a local Gallery and Frame shop (beautiful local business owner!) with perfect hours and it also locates me in the hub of our cultural downtown right among like minded folks!

Ultimately, I am still dreaming of owning my own studio with space to rent to other artists for their workshops, as well as cater to the Artists in the community with affordable supplies and framing for their art!


My inspiration comes from everywhere; nature, thoughts, colors, the cosmos and of course other incredibly talented and creative artists....


Come visit my "tab" on my Studio Group's web page.  and check out my Gallery page there. There's a lot of pictures there!
No picture can be used commercially or for personal gain all photos are copywrite by Patti Cook and Scrum Sisters Studio.