Currently , classes are on hold, TBD in the future.

In house private groupings at my studio as well as contract outside of studio. Online monthly class and workshop schedule can be seen currently on my Scrum Sisters Studio page.

I also host an open forum where there is interest in talking about the challenges some people have with watercolours or working with them, I share some of the best options for work arounds or fixes etc. Lots of fun interaction.

If you also visit my YouTube channel you can find many free tutorials or sharing of information! If the link doesn't work find me under Patti Cook.


Watercolour 101 - In this 5 week course (one day per week) you will learn all the fundamental aspects of watercolour. This covers: colour theory, pigments, materials, brush strokes, washes, techniques, fixes and little about composition and a final painting. I provide the use of paint, paper and brushes. You take home the work you create.
Cost - $150

Drawing 101 - In this 5 week course you will also learn the very basics of the fundamentals of drawing. You will learn about all the types of line and how to use them, mark making, light and values, shapes, gestures, compositions. I provide the use of class tools you take home the work you create.
Cost - $150


Wet felting fundamentals - In this 4+ hour workshop you will learn how to manipulate raw wool with water and soap and create a non-woven piece of cloth! Once a basic felt piece is made we move on to felting a small flower.
Cost - $50 Materials Included.

Wet felted Pots - In this class we will be creating a 3D pot using the knowledge from the fundamentals class. 
Cost - $35 Materials included.

2D painting with wool - In this full day class, you will learning how to create a 2D painting with wool both wet and dry techniques. You provide your own lunch and picture you want to create.
Cost - $50 Materials included

Beginner Needle Felted Classes - teach the basics of needle felting, safety, wool and best practices. In this class you'll create a small kitty to take home or at Christmas time we create a Christmas Gnome
Cost $30 Materials Included.

3D felted animals - These are 3 hour+ classes where you will create a small 3D animal using a specialized needle, foam and raw fleece.
Cost - $35 Materials Included.

Wet Felted hipster purses - in this 4+ hour class you will choose the style of small bag and then create your own hipster bag with additional embellishments.
Cost - $50 Materials Included.

Nuno Felted Scarves - full day workshop you will create a one of a kind silk and wool scarf of your choice of colours and embellishments. You provide your own lunch. 
Cost - $150 Materials Included.